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G=Gluten | VM=Very Mild | M=Medium | MH=Medium Hot | H=Hot | VH=Very Hot


  • Vegetarian - Main Side Dishes: €7.50

  • 52.Hazari (M)

    A West Indian Dish With Lentils, Vegetables And Fresh Green Chillies

  • 53.Saag Paneer (M)

    Spinach And Cottage Cheese Delicacy

  • 54.Mixed Vegetable Curry (M)

    Seasonal Vegetables In A Sauce Made From Our Blend Of Curry Spices

  • 55.Aloo Gobi (M)

    Seasoned Potato And Cauliflower

  • 56.Bombay Aloo (H)

    Typical West-Indian Hot And Spicy Potato Curry

  • 57.Veg Korma (VM)

    Vegetables In A Creamy Coconut Sauce

  • 58.Saag Aloo (M)

    Creamed Spinach And Potato With A Tempering Of Garlic And Cumin

  • 59.Tarkari Mirch Masala (H)

    Assorted Vegetables With Spices, Green Chilli And Cumin Seeds

  • 60.Bindi-Do-Pyaza (M)

    Okra Tossed With Sliced White Onion, Tomatoes And Ground Spices

  • 61.Mater Paneer (M)

    Green Peas And Cottage Cheese Cooked With Tomatoes And Spices

  • 62.Chana Masala (M)

    Chickpeas In A Spicy Sauce

  • 63.Saag Puri (M)

    A Very Special Curry Of Spinach, Chickpeas, Cream And Curry Sauce

  • 64.Aloo Chana (M)

    Potatoes And Chickpeas In A Special Combination Of Spices

  • 65.Saag Bhaji (M)

    Spinach, Cream, Chickpeas In A Curry Sauce

  • 66.Dal Tarka (M)

    Two Types Of Lentil, Fresh Coriander, Ginger, Garlic, Cumin And Fresh Chilli